Thursday, November 30, 2006

are all these people making it up?

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June 21, 2007...As one of the guys who got "taken" by Al, I feel qualified to offer some advice. After a long and drawn out 1 year and 6+ months I have pretty much given up on ever seeing the remainder of the items I commissioned Seams Perfect to construct for me. I have a book of correspondence with chapter after chapter of excuses and broken promises. To make things worse, not only am I out financially, but the parts I sent to have re-covered (door and rear panels) will now have to be replaced since my pleads to simply send back what I sent him have gone unanswered.....Now I did get the carpet and rear seat delete kit (part of my order), approximately 1 year after paying so I guess I only got hosed for about 2/3 of my order. Anyway, on to the advise ... Don't send him a penny! If you must order from Seams Perfect, let him ship the items to you on credit and then pay once received.

I would like to hear from Al, as well. I have been waiting since I sent him my paypal payment on July 19 for a seat cover. It was supposed to take 8 to 10 weeks. We are getting close to 16 weeks, and he has not returned any of my emails from the past month. I would just like to hear something about the status.
9 weeks, no door panel boards

Its been 9 weeks since I ordered the door panel boards from FAQ store and no show. Also, I asked for a tracking number after like 6 weeks. Haven't gotten that either.

  • I have never bought anything from Seams Perfect, and seeing threads like these is most of the reason I never will. I'm sure the product is great, but when you operate a business you should answer your phone and talk to the people that put food on your table.
  • Hey Al I'm ready for my carpet set. E-mail me
  • Canuck, check your mail
  • FAQ Store

  • It's been 5 weeks since I orderd door panels from the FAQ store and Al. No sign of the panels, and every time I ask I'm told they are on the way.

    I would NOT recommend doing business this way and am very very disappointed. I've been told the parts have been shipped but have not been given a tracking number or any confirmation as to when I could expect them. I could have made a new set of panel's myself in a few hours but was trying to save time. What a joke.

  • paging al larson
  • calling al larson
  • looking for larson

  • I have sent you three emails in the last two weeks with no response. I need to get payment for the Recaro seat parts that I delivered to you

  • where's larson
  • larson, you out there
  • calling canuck
  • stop making excuses

  • if he is busy and cannot answer peoples messages, and cannot be bothered to clear out his voice mail let him deal with it.

    If any other vendor acted like this the same people that intervene publicly and make excuses for him ie Kswiss and Slash would be the ones posting about the poor service they are receiving.

    We are all very busy with lots going on in our lives but we deal with it

  • Canuck Please Respond
  • Please respond your emails
  • clear messages on your cell & check
  • please contact me- no carpet kit yet
  • haven't heard from you
  • looking for Al Canuck
  • Canuck....You've got mail!
  • Canuck... pls e-mail me
  • Did you mail the sample materials yet
  • CANUCK where are you?
  • Hey Al Canuck
  • Please email regarding sun visors
  • Canuck, you gots mail!
  • Canuck: can you email re: the carpet
  • check yer email
  • Canuck; Please check your email
  • Canuck, check your email!
  • I ordered door panels 10 weeks ago, no tracking #, no panels
  • Al, please answer your phone

  • Al, please answer your phone. I can't wait any longer and dont want to have to pay twice for something that you promised was already shipped a month ago
  • Al, please answer your phone

  • Latest news is... there isn't any. No returned calls, no returned emails, and no headliner. I also got an email from **** in ********* in almost an identical predicament.

    Does anyone out there have a new headliner they can part with? I doubt I can wait for Al to finally live up to his word.

  • Al also didn't reply to my emails about the carpet sets until i threatened to file a claim with paypal for my money back. he wrote me an email telling me to "chill out" and that the business isn't his first priority. if i don't hear from him in the next day or so telling me he's shipped my carpet set with a tracking number so i can see it myself, ill really be claiming my money back through paypal and posting a "bad seller, beware" thread. next day shipping so that they would be here before christmas would be great for all of us but the history of Al as mentioned here among other places is it probably wont be happening.

  • Folks are looking for him over at the FAQ also.
    Come on AL we know your kits are nice, just type a few fuckin words to the guys waiting, or I can do it for ya.

    ( Al voice ) I've been so busy I haven't had time to respond to my Emails or phone messages or forum posts, we're working as hard as we can to get the products done and you will have them as soon as we finish but not before ( paradox ya know ). ( end of Al voice )

    There now AL doesn't have to respond cause it's the same shit I see him type every time.

    I guess i'll want a refund if mine doesn't show up in time for Christmas

    I've left dozens of messages and several posts trying to get a response from you on the whereabouts of my non-sunroof headliner that was paid for and promised to me 2 MONTHS ago. The last time I heard from you it was that you had sent it out a month AGO. Since that time I have already had a set of 4 wheels shipped and delivered from Canada in less than 10 days.

    It seems you have time to leave messages in these forums trying to sell more merchandise, but not enough time to respond to my genuine inquiry of goods I have paid for. I left you messages explaining the urgency of the need. I have a dozen guests coming in for the holidays and need to get the car back together and out of the dining room.

    This is not the way to treat members of the forums and fellow member of the BMW faithful. I expect a call 305-665-5373 a direct email and more importantly an overnight shipment of my headliner.

    After reading this thread and your senseless personal attacks that are vulgar and explicit, I for one, would never buy ANYTHING from you. I'm sure others feel the same way as well. It is of no surprise to me that you are closing up shop. With an attitude like that, especially in a public forum, you would be better off working as a truck driver than in part sales. Do you think talking to women like that builds customer trust? Telling a female to go fuck themselves is totally uncalled for, regardless of what personal vendetta you have against that person.

    Not a Merry Christmas. Got a house full of people and a dining room full of BMW parts waiting for a headliner that was paid for 3 months ago and promised several times without result. I finally received an email from Al telling me that he would send a replacement when he could get the material and make another one. That was supposed to be a week and a half ago and I even gave him a UPS account number for him to overnight me a replacement. NOTHING.

    I'm going to use the dispute resolution service from PayPal to either get my product or my money.


    Be Aware of Who You Do Business With

    evidently, al larson the owner of Seams Perfect doesn't properly respond to his patrons emails and or phone calls once he has their money...additionally once you send him money for goods or service, he may not do what he told you he would do when he accepted your might be in for a long ride trying to reach larson and get your merchandise

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